With cooking skills in decline, and children not clearly understanding where food comes from, millions of people across Britain and Jersey lack the basic skills and knowledge needed to make a simple meal from scratch, or simply won’t have the confidence to try. 

In 2016, Caring Cooks of Jersey has launched the Kitchen Garden Project, with Samares School in St Clement, Mont Nicolle School in St Brelade, and St Luke’s School in St Saviour.

This new programme, which is endorsed by the Department of Education, and fully supported by the Minister for Education, Rod Bryans, will address the issues above, and ensure our children are leaving primary school with a clear understanding of food, what is good for them, and the ability to prepare basic healthy and nutritious meals.

So far this year, we have revamped and created outside areas in all 3 schools, planting fruit and vegetables which have been harvested and either used in our Weekly Meal Service or donated to charities such as the Sanctuary Trust and Jersey Hospice.

From January 2017, we will be employing a full time teacher who will ‘float’ between the three schools included in the project, to deliver the practical modules and get the children cooking what they have grown. The teacher will work as part of the faculty and across all year groups, and will enable over 10%** of the Islands KS 1 and 2 children to partake in about 25 hours of food education per school year.

This is an unprecedented project in Jersey as food education is not taught on a regular basis in primary schools.

We are incredibly grateful to the Association of Jersey Charities, Santander Bank, and the National Vegetable Society who have worked with us this year. 

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