We have around 40 dedicated volunteers without whom we simply wouldn’t be able to operate, but we wanted to share one special lady’s reasons for volunteering with us.

“I wanted to get involved with a charity for lots of obvious reasons but the push came when my two oldest boys were at university and my youngest was entering his teen years.  I felt I had time on my hands to help others, even though I work full time in a job I love, I wanted to help others in some way. I saw the article in the JEP and thought I could help with this – I can cook and I love to cook! I made contact with Caring Cooks in January 2014 and haven’t looked back!

In the beginning, I cooked one meal a week for a lady in St Helier and bulk cooked when time allowed and delivered these meals to be kept by Grace Trust in their food bank to give out as and when needed. It really opened my eyes as to how many people go without a healthy cooked meal.”


Linda Rabet

“To be able to help cook for these people gave me so much pleasure. I meet so many other kind and caring people at Caring Cooks too and we all share a great sense of passion for the charity. I help make lunches when asked for the GT Saturday lunch and I also help with teaching mums with children how to cook simple healthy meals.  I have also helped at car boots and cake sales to raise money for Caring Cooks.”

“I get such a great deal of satisfaction in being part of Caring Cooks.  Knowing that these meals are so appreciated by those who receive them and helping mums to cook gives me so much pleasure and I am very grateful to Melissa for that opportunity. I feel I owe so much to them too as helping Caring Cooks has given me a real sense of fulfilment.”

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